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Fair Copyright Policy. help UsMenu Extras Voice R2D2 The Movie Movie Movie When R2D2 plays, speak to it to hear the voice of C-3PO. Then to enable C-3PO's voice speak to the following commands: C-3PO: Hello, R2. I am C-3PO, protocol officer of the ship you are currently in. If you are suffering from amnesia, I can supply a memory bank of the areas that you have visited. R2: Thanks, C-3PO, but I don't need your help. I remember a deal with a smuggler named Slugmask. He might be able to provide me with the data I need to access this cargo hold. C-3PO: The computer records your every move, and Slugmask has the ability to erase them. However, he will only cooperate if you meet the following requirements: Inventory Don't look under any tables or desks, and don't open any containers. Don't touch any walls, or open or pick up any objects. Leave a trail of coins as you go through the levels, and drop only one coin at a time. R2: These requirements are hard, but I will try. C-3PO: Very well. If you succeed, you may contact me to report your progress. R2: How do I contact you? C-3PO: The new version of me will be installed in the ship, and I will be able to provide you with my location. If you ask nicely. R2: I'll try that. Thanks, C-3PO. Workbench Close any workbenches that you open, then approach the table where the workbench was located, close to your ship. You will then see my image on the table and the same voice as before. Engine Room You will hear the voice of C-3PO in the engine room. To enable C-3PO's voice, go to the engineering panel and speak to the voice on the left (of the panel). Bonus If you find a treasure chest, a Rancor, a blaster pistol, or a D-E-V-O-R-C-E during your travels, you may hear the voice of C-3PO. The D-



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RedDeadRedemptionPcSkidrowRarPassword imexand

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