''We help developing spaces  & infrastructures  for enjoying healthy lifestyles ''


Launch, scale and grow businesses in wellness
real-estate sector

with end-to-end support and guidance from innaSPACE


Project categories

to start a business in your locality with the help of innaSPACE

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innaHOMES is ventured by innaSPACE to provide end-to-end development of stand-alone healthy homes with features like clean air inside with natural air purification techniques, farm integrated home that can grow its own fresh vegetables, natural and controlled light and air ventilation options, made with low emission building materials, designed and monitored by innaSPACE, available to execute by local entrepreneurs/ innaPRENEURS.

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innaCLUB  is an exclusive business opportunity for the local entrepreneurs to have a health club in their locality that includes fitness spaces like gym, swimming pool with spa, sauna, indoor games spaces, yoga spaces, dance clubs, healthy food counter's, juice bar, etc., that gives an exposure to the residents for daily fitness activities with all infrastructure under one roof. innaSPACE provides end to end business development support to launch a innaCLUB in your locality.



Wellness tourism is now prescribed by doctor's for mental, physical and spiritual wellness. innaTOUR identifies scope of tourism and develops projects for entrepreneurs interested in tourism and hospitality industry. innaTOUR supports wellness tourism with development of spaces like holiday resorts, experience centre's, homestay's, hotel's into the lap of nature.

Our Service package

for development of wellness infrastructure projects


design & consultancy

Providing end to end support to clients with architectural analysis, strategy development, design & supervision  to help them build wellness real-estate projects 

Engineering & technology


End to end technology & engineering support for project development and operations including civil and structural engineering, electrical, PHE, mechanical, IT, as required

User experience

strategies, design

& consultancy

We research on what to offer to the customer's to deliver them a delightful experience through service design, accessories, briefs and policies to offer the best user experience


design & consultancy

Providing building interior designing of each space, interior furniture and product designing and detailing, interior illumination design, acoustics design, material specification


design & consultancy

We help to integrate nature or elements of nature into the spaces available for user's to enjoy biophilic environments for natural healing and providing natural air purification

Business strategy design &


Helping clients with business processes, identifying target customer segment, developing revenue generating options, marketing strategies, customer relationship strategies


management services

Includes project planning, operations management, supervision, real-time monitoring of project works, inventory management and project finance management

Media, marketing & branding


We help our clients to get customers for their projects with professional media, marketing and branding support including developing project USP's from marketing perspectives

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